Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drooker's American Ruins

Sorry for the long lapse in posting, I’ve been incredibly busy with my job and with life in general. So much has happened since my last post I’m still trying to take it all in. So I will start with my most recent outing.

Anna and I recently enjoyed a photography exhibit at Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau. The photographs were by photographer Arthur Drooker and from his book American Ruins. The photos where shot in infrared and taken across the US. It was a treat to see these prints up close instead of in a book.

The photos themselves had a bit of a sepia tint to them that added to the warmth they evoked. The infrared added a sense of mystery, but not in a macabre way that Simon Marsden portrays. I got to talk with Drooker about his work and working with IR and could have talked much longer if it were not for other interested visitors to the museum wanting to talk with him also. We talked f-stops, researching subjects and places to visit. The only thing I felt was missing for the evening was a good glass of wine. They served sparkling grape juice.

While researching how to photograph with IR and looking for inspiration I did come across his work and found his work wonderful but not exactly what I truly wanted to accomplish.

After talking with Drooker I felt I was heading in the right direction with my technical skills and vision for my own personal project. If anyone has the chance to see his work in person or purchase his book you will not be disappointed. Of course we had a photo postcard autographed by him to remember that wonderful evening.

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Since my last post we haven’t traveled often for my haunted project. I have taken a few pictures on other trips not relating to the haunted subjects themselves and have come away with some great images. More on those in the near future.