Friday, May 25, 2012

Begining of the End

I recently have been going through a huge life change and it's been a big readjustment for me mentally, emotionally and physically. Over the past few months I've had to keep control of my sanity and try to focus on what's important in my life and relearn who I am as a person and artist. To be honest I'm excited for what the future may hold but at the same time scared of the uncertainty. I've always been someone with a vision and a plan. I've always been able to achieve what I set myself to do. Being in a much better place mentally and emotionally I'm able to concentrate on my passion for my artwork. I have several projects lined up and look forward to begin working on them. Drawing, woodworking and paper craft are just a few topics I will be sinking my fangs into in the next few months. As things progress I will be more then happy to share what I'm working on and welcome feedback from anyone.

A few weeks ago I moved into a new place and I'm eager to decorate and surround myself with all the books, oddities, movie posters and antiques that I've been collecting over the years to help inspire my art. With school at an end for me till the fall I'm planning on devoting my extra free time to my photography and tall things related to it. One item on the top of things to do is to blog regularly, or at least twice a month. I have several ideas on what to write about, some related to my photography some about the strange and macabre world we live in. I'm also planning on blogging during my travels to haunted places. With the use of the Blogger iPhone app I'm excited to blog using this app because it will allow me to write about things I find interesting along the way with out having to find a place that has free Wifi so I can use my computer. During the past few months I've been evaluating my website and I came to realize that it needs some reworking and updating to make it look more organized, cleaner and better to navigate.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Couple rents house didn't know ghosts where included

I saw this news item from author Varla Ventura's blog and thought it was interesting enough to share:
Haunted House Lawsuit