Monday, August 3, 2009

Haunted Inspiration

With the weather being so cold for most of the summer. Its gotten me in the mood thinking more about fall and new ideas for Halloween. I often watch these videos many times looking for inspiration with my own photography and Halloween decorating. I hope you enjoy these as well.

Haunted House

Lonesome Ghosts

Skeleton Dance

Mad Doctor

Betty Boop Halloween Party
Three Stooges "The Ghost Talks"

Watch Creeps.divx in Entertainment Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Buster Keaton in "The Haunted House" 1 of 2 Buster Keaton in "The Haunted House" 2 of 2 Bugs Bunny Transylvania 6-5000

Daffy Duck A haunting we will go

Bugs Bunny Bewitched Bunny

Bugs Bunny Broomstick Bunny
Porky Pig Jeepers Creepers

Bugs Bunny Water, Water, Every Hare Donald Duck Trick Or Treat

Wot a Night (1931)

Skeleton Frolic (1937)

Flip The Frog in Spooks (1932)

The Headless Horseman (1934)


  1. What a terrific collection of spooky characters..just to hear the Loony Tunes again is a treat..not a trick!!! I bet Halloween is great out your way..

  2. Yes Halloween is very wonderful in Wisconsin. With the leaves changing color, the cool night air and watching the corn turn brown really make a very festive time here. We always make Halloween a big deal here.

    Thanxs for the comment!