Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Haunted Road Trip

During the winter months we spend much of our time researching and looking for new ideas and places to photograph. We find inspiration from many sources from music, movies, stories and converstions we have with others. So when the snow starts to melt, weather begins to warm-up and the grass begins to turn green we get very excited because another season of photographing haunted places begins. At the beginning of the year our trip had taken on many forms and not until recently we decided on certain places that would work for our schedule. We have found some new and wonderful mansions to photograph they are just beautiful and mysterious from the pictures we have seen. I don't want to revel to much detail on where we will go, but you will not be disappointed by them I assure you. Here is a few place we are wanting to go to. If any one has suggestions of places that would be great for us to photograph feel free to send us an email with a picture and a bit of the history (if you know it) behind the place. We would love to see it and included in it in upcoming trips.

Lincoln-Tallman House, Janesville - WI

Jacob Henry Mansion, Joliet - IL

Hegeler-Carus Mansion, LaSalle - IL


  1. So funny that the Jacon Henry Mansion is on this website. I was there this past weekend and it is beautiful! I want to have my wedding there. Walking through the mansion is creepy and I dont think I could do it after sunset. In order to make my dream of having my wedding at this awesome mansion I have entered this contest. Would be great if you and your readers could vote for me! I am interested to know more on the history of that mansion. So if you find out about actual hauntings that would be awesome..... my fiance LOVES paranormal stuff so this place is a great venue for our wedding. Here is the link. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Marisela! My husband is also the driving force behind the paranormal aspects of this project, so I love the idea that you and your fiance are looking for a wedding in a haunted location!

    I'm going to post a blog about your story, and it will show on our Facebook with more fans.

    Good luck, and hey, if you need a wedding photographer, we're looking to get into more alternative venues for our studio photography ;)

    -All our best, Anna