Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Projects and Explorations

My schedule and personal life has been nothing short of crazy since the last time I updated is site almost a year ago. As I enter into the summer months I plan on dedicating much more of my time to updating and reworking parts of the website in hopes to improve the look, accessibility and organization. One thing you may have already noticed is I have a new web address.
This site under its new URL name will be the mansion, if you will, that will provide rooms for all our other areas of interest; Facebook, Blogger, Flickr, Fine Art America, Zazzle, Cafepress and any other projects and products that we will produce related to our subject matter of ghosts, haunted houses, cemeteries, monsters, séances, the macabre and anything else I find strange and bizarre.
I photographed very little this year but I’ve been exploring other areas that have captured my interest and creativity. I will and always photograph and record haunted legends, myth and folklore. Haunted and macabre history has always been my obsession since I was a child and I love sharing stories that give others nightmares and sleepless nights.  Over the past few months I have begun finding interest and talents in other areas of paper and wood craft. As I hone my skills in these areas I hope to provide special objects of desire to those that find interest in my work. Each piece will be unique limited editions. 

I’m currently working on a shadow lantern prototype. My goal is to recreate the look of what a phantasmagoria show might have looked like. Taking my time planning, designing, cutting, gluing and constructing this lantern I'm having such a wonderful time exploring this side of myself that hasn't been explored before. When complete I hope to offer limited editions of these lanterns on my website and Etsy site. I will post more photos of the project as it nears completion. I will provide color photos of the finished piece and if my technical skills work a video of the working prototype.


  1. The lantern project looks intriguing! I look forward to the finished piece.

  2. Thanks so much its been so much fun working with new ideas.