Monday, April 6, 2009

Traveling through the depths of darkness Part 1

The weather in Illinois has been just as strange as this trip. I left a day early due to weather reports that a storm was going to move in to the Alton area on Sunday. That was the day I wanted to originally shoot down there. So I made a few calls and was able to be in Alton on Saturday when it was expected to be sunny. 

The mansion was worth all the hassle. It was a truly amazing place. I don’t want to reveal too much at this moment because I want to give a full account of the history and activity that has taken place there when I have a chance to polish the work.

I had to leave Bloomington around 5 a.m. Saturday to be there 

by 8 a.m. Of course I woke up an hour before I needed to so I had very little sleep.


Sunday was exactly what the weatherman said it would do. Lots of rain, hail, and snow so I spend all day Sunday watching hockey and planning the next days trip. 

I’m currently in Decatur IL. Looking at my photos after spending a cold day shooting at Greenwood Cemetery and various mansions around the town. I’ll be staying overnight because if the weather turns better I hope to go back and see if the previous places are worth reshooting with sunnier light.


Here are a few images I have enjoyed so far. I hope they give a sense of melancholy and foreboding.

The next few days I’ll be going towards Chicago. I’m excited to see what those places hold for me there.


  1. I've been zapping up and down your blog enjoying the photography and your descriptions and explanations. My husband is a photographer and I'm forwarding the link to your blog so he may also enjoy your work.

    Some of your photos of the old houses look like cinema sets, they are so evocative.