Friday, April 17, 2009

Traveling through the depths of darkness Part 2

The haunted road trip last week went extremely well. I had such a wonderful time traveling to all these haunted places and being creative with my photography. This has been a dream come true for me and after looking over some of the pictures I have captured I’m very pleased with the results.

Over the course of the week I shot about a place a day. Depending how near to other places I was, I shot two. The weather worked well to my advantage despite the two inches of snow that fell Monday morning. The weather was cold for the most part which added to feeling of autumn.

My girlfriend came down half way through and she was able to go to few places for the rest of the trip. We went to a cemetery in Chicago and a haunted house in Woodstock. We took back roads and along the way stopped at a few antique places and talked with local residents.

I shot a ton of images! I wanted to cover every angle and ideas that flowed through me. I wasn’t sure when I would have the chance to return so I needed to get what I could.

Depending on our schedule I want to take another haunted trip in the very near future, maybe in the fall, hopefully next year but we will have to see since a trip to Germany is planned for next year. I’m excited to see what we can get from there.

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